Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

If you do not agree with any part of them, please do not proceed with your booking.

By completing the booking either online or verbally by telephone, you are confirming you have read, understood and accepted the terms herein.

No additions or modifications to or terms inconsistent with these Conditions shall be binding upon Bakers Waste Services Ltd unless specifically agreed in writing by both Bakers Waste Services Ltd and the customer/hirer.

Definitions referred to within the contract:

Charge means each and any charge payable by the Customer/Hirer to Bakers Waste Services Ltd

Collection Site means the site or sites further particulars of which are set out in the Contract or the Transfer Note. This site is the location given by the customer/hirer.

Contract means any contract whether or not in writing between the customer/hirer and Bakers Waste Services Ltd for the provision of the Service/Equipment into which all conditions are incorporated.

Conditions- The requirement as laid out by Bakers Waste Services Ltd to which the customer/hirer must adhere

Customer/Hirer refers to the responsible person making the request for the service/equipment

Equipment means each and every item (of waste disposal) equipment provided by Bakers Waste Services Ltd to the Customer/Hirer

Relevant Legislation means any statute, European Community Directive or the requirements of any government department, local authority or other public or competent authority, and guidelines contained within government waste management papers and codes of practice issued by the government for the waste disposal industry and which are relevant to the parties obligations under the Contract

Service means the provision of Equipment and a Transfer Note (or any other document required for the lawful storage, collection, transportation and disposal of Waste), collection of Waste, transport of Waste and disposal of Waste or any part thereof as agreed between Bakers Waste Services Ltd and the customer/hirer

Hazardous Waste means a waste as defined in the Hazardous Waste (Amd) Regulations 2009

Term has the meaning given in the Contract

Transfer Note means the current controlled waste description and transfer note completed by the Customer and Bakers Waste Services Ltd

Vehicle means each and every vehicle owned or operated by Bakers Waste Services Ltd, its agents or subcontractors which visits any Collection Site to deliver, empty, replace or remove Equipment

Bakers Waste Services Ltd or the company means the business supplying the services/equipment.

Working Day(s) Bakers Waste Services Ltd normal operating days include all except Sunday and public/bank holidays. Special considerations may apply on Saturdays and will be agreed between Bakers Waste Services Ltd and the customer/hirer.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Pricing and Payment

All prices quoted are in pounds sterling. We reserve the right to change the prices at anytime. A payment is required at the time of booking or upon delivery. You will be informed upon placing the order whether prices are inclusive or exclusive of vat.

2. What the price does not include

Any service not specified in the booking confirmation. In addition, extras such as overweight charges, rentals, wasted journeys, hazardous waste, additional waiting time and overloading surcharge will apply.

3. Road Permits

The Customer/Hirer shall ensure that all permissions (required before the skip can lawfully be deposited) on the site including the permission required under the Highways Act 1971 have been or will be obtained before they request the driver to deposit the skip on the site and that the said permission will be kept in force during the period of hire and where necessary for up to 3 working days thereafter. The Customer/Hirer will ensure that all skips sited on the highways will be lit and coned in accordance with the terms and conditions of the highways act and the issuing local authority’s demands. The Customer/Hirer shall not move the skip from the site without the consent of Bakers Waste Services Ltd and where necessary the highway authority.

4. Booking Confirmation

Our system offers live availability in ‘real time’. Once you have entered your payment details and click ‘Confirm Booking’, you are authorising us to charge your credit / debit card and you agree this by confirming you have read and understood the booking conditions. Unless advised otherwise, we will debit the card provided at the time of booking. In the unlikely event of not receiving immediate online screen confirmation, you must telephone us immediately because the booking and payment will have been made. Please do not click back and re-enter your details because this will result in a duplicate booking being made.

5. Waste Acceptance

It is the responsibility of the Customer/Hirer to accurately describe the waste that is being produced. The Customer/Hirer must comply with The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part 2; The Hazardous Waste (Amd) Regulations 2009 and The Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England & Wales) Regulations 2005 and general duty of care legislation where applicable. Bakers Waste Services Ltd reserves the right to refuse collection or impose the necessary charges where any applicable legal requirements have been breached. Without prejudice Bakers Waste Services Ltd will be entitled to refuse to deal with any material: which it has reason to believe is toxic, poisonous, explosive, inflammable or otherwise dangerous; OR the handling of which may cause Bakers Waste Services Ltd to incur civil or criminal liability; OR where there is reason to believe waste is or may be a Hazardous waste; OR the disposal of which might involve Bakers Waste Services Ltd in additional expense or an unreasonable amount of extra work.

6. Misleading supplied information

If the postcode does not correspond with the delivery address Bakers Waste Services Ltd reserve the right to alter the price of the skip in accordance with the correct details.

When the skip is collected Bakers Waste Services Ltd will check that the contents of the skip correspond with the waste type selected on the original order (see section 5 above).

If the waste type does not correspond with the original order Bakers Waste Services Ltd reserve the right to alter the price accordingly and pass this onto the Customer/Hirer who was responsible for placing the order.

7. Location and Skips placed on the public highway

The Customer/Hirer shall provide safe and appropriate access to the Collection site/location, a suitable area for setting down the equipment and for turning the vehicle around (where applicable). The driver of the vehicle may in his absolute discretion refuse to deliver any equipment or perform a service if he believes that access to the collection site/location or turning facilities are unsafe or likely to cause damage to the vehicle or other damage. All skips that are to be placed on the public highway will be removed on the 5th working day following delivery unless collection is pre-arranged beforehand.

8. Delivery Times

All bookings received by 2pm Monday to Friday can be processed for next day delivery if required. All bookings made after 2pm may not be processed for next day delivery. Bookings received after 2pm on a Friday will not be processed until the following Monday.

9. Performance dates and force majeure

Bakers Waste Services Ltd will use reasonable endeavours to meet the dates for collection (which shall always be working days unless expressly agreed otherwise between both the customer and Bakers Waste Services Ltd) but shall not be liable for late performance or delay in performance of the service and delays shall not entitle the Customer/Hirer to withdraw the contract. Without prejudice Bakers Waste Services Ltd shall have no liability for any delay or default in the provision of the service caused by circumstances out of their control including but not limited to breakdown or unavailability of equipment or vehicles.

10. Wasted Journeys

A wasted journey can occur due to many reasons, for example; a car blocking the driveway where the skip is to be placed or you deciding that the skip is not big enough and requesting the container to be swapped for a larger size. If a wasted journey occurs there will be a surcharge applicable to the journey and time wasted.

11. Skip collections

We aim to collect skips within 48 hours of the collection order being placed. Please return to the Bakers Waste Services Ltd website once your skip is ready for collection, click on the ‘Full Skip Pick Up’ button to order a collection and we will aim to collect your skip within 48 hours.

12. Hire period

Standard hire is 7 days from the date of delivery but the hire period should be agreed by both Bakers Waste Services Ltd and the Customer/Hirer prior to delivery.

13. Standard Conditions for the Hiring of Equipment

The Hirer period shall commence and the risk of any loss or damage to the equipment shall pass to and remain with the Customer/Hirer from the time when the equipment first arrives at the Customer/Hirer’s premises (or the location to which the Customer/Hirer has requested the equipment to be placed).

The Hire Period shall cease only when the equipment is collected by the Bakers Waste Services Ltd.

If the Hirer requests the equipment to be placed in a position which requires the delivery vehicle to leave the public highway, the Customer/Hirer shall indemnify Bakers Waste Services Ltd against any loss, costs, claims, damages or expenses which Bakers Waste Services Ltd may incur, whether as a result of damage to the delivery vehicle, the equipment, the property of the Customer/Hirer or third party, including but not limited to damage to the road margins and pavement.

The Customer/Hirer shall not:

  1. overload the equipment;
  2. set fire to the contents of the equipment;
  3. interfere with the mechanism of the equipment; including but not limited to defacing equipment, concealing logos or writing placed on equipment which indicates its ownership;
  4. add on or attach to the equipment any painting, sign-writing, lettering or advertising;
  5. move the equipment from the pre-arranged location or that selected upon delivery; any requests must be made to Bakers Waste Services Ltd beforehand.
  6. The Hirer shall not sell, charge, sub-contract, re-hire, lend or assign any part of the equipment without the prior written consent from Bakers Waste Services Ltd.

14. Service Charges

Order Alteration/Cancellation

48 Hours Prior to Delivery Day £10.00

24 Hours Prior to Delivery Day £15.00

15. Proof Of Delivery (POD)

It is the responsibility of the Customer/Hirer’s OR representative on site to keep the copy of the ‘Proof of Delivery’ ticket. Any copies required at a later date will be subject to a £3.00 administration charge.

16. The Customer/ Hirer Shall Ensure

  1. That no liquids, explosives, toxic, or dangerous materials including, but not limited to fibrous asbestos, solvents, minerals or greases will be placed in the skip without the written consent from Bakers Waste Services Ltd;
  2. That no bonded asbestos will be placed in the container unless the Customer/Hirer has given notice of their intentions to do so and obtained the written agreement of the charges to be made with regard thereto;
  3. That no fridges, freezers, vehicle tyres, car/commercial vehicle batteries and any other waste types classified as a hazardous waste are placed in the container unless pre-arranged with Bakers Waste Services Ltd.

Where the waste type differs, and as a result does not conform to the EWC code listed on relevant paperwork and/or waste transfer note(s), an appropriate surcharge will be charged to the customer/hirer.

17. Special Requests

We will try to meet any special requests you may have but these are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

18. Insurance

Bakers Waste Services Ltd may request (where applicable) copies of insurance certificates from Customer/hirer as proof that the customer/Hirer could meet any liability claims that may arise.

19. Amendments

Bakers Waste Services Ltd reserve the right to amend the contract and these terms and conditions as necessary in order to comply with statutory requirements and will notify any such amendment/s to the Customer/Hirer as soon as practicable.


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